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Sari Grove

Hi, I'm Sari Grove, chief cook & bottlewasher at GroveCanada, our arts profile online that shows off our works of art & some of the things that artists think about...Much of being an artist is being in the Great Outdoors, so we get to see animals & people & trees & stuff that most people don't know about...Which you can read about in our blogs & social network chatter...

Sari Grove, is me, a self-employed visual artist, in Canada...( my husband, my better or worse half, depending on the day, is also an artist, Joseph Grove, & his contributions are usually shown with mine...)

Sari Grove's Background

Sari Grove's Experience

self-employed visual artist at GroveCanada

January 2001 | Toronto, Canada

Gosh, just 24 hours a day of work...7 days a week...For years & years until you get good enough to outrun the pack...

Sari Grove's Education

McGill University

Bachelor of Arts

Concentration: Arts

Activities: Performing in Freedom of the City by Brian Friel...

Harvard University

York University

Sarah Lawrence College

Atkinson College

Humber College

Concentration: post-graduate

University of Toronto

Sari Grove's Interests & Activities

Music, jogging, skiing, horsebackriding, dancing, bengal cats (how to keep them intact & not go crazy), Trumpeter swans, tennis, people, food...Scuba Diving...Drive stick...bartender's licence...designing artificial nests for Trumpeter swans & feeding them from November to April yearly...

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